Sargsyan is a liar and drug addict

Yesterday in Strasbourg, the President of Armenia Serge Sargsyan took part in the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), and responded to the PACE deputies’ questions.

According to, Shant Voskerchyan, a coordinator of “Armenian Revival” Organization Branch in Paris, told to “the First Informational” that the organization would not leave Sargsyan’s visit without a reaction. There, maybe, won’t be any protest actions, because this time they chose the political contacts. The organization has already sent the open letter in French and English to the officials whom Sargsyan will meet, including PACE officials, members of Senate, the President of Senate and the mayor of Paris. The letter indicates that “Armenian Revival” Organization Branch in Paris is concerned over the planned meetings.  Armenia could not get rid of the impact of former Soviet Union and harshly violates human rights. Opposition has no rights to take any actions. The letter also affirms it is not normal when in the country with a population of 3 million people, the number of political prisoners exceeds 100 and since 2016, different people were brought to trial under the guise of alleged preparation of the state terror. “The third unelected President of Armenia has arrived in France, wants to meet the President of France, the President of Senate and other officials. We cannot let this pass. We ask these officials, if they want to built a legal country, what do they think about the contents of the letter?” – said Voskerchyan, adding that Sargsyan was illegally elected a president and made changes to the constitution to stay in power.

He noted that besides the open letter they applied to all French journalists to ask Serge Sargsyan questions about political prisoners and human rights situation, during press-conference after the meeting with Macron. “We did the same in PACE. We sent the letter to all delegations, except Turkish and Azerbaijani, to enable them to make Sargsyan come to his senses with their questions” – Voskerchan said.

In response to the comment from a journalist, that this is, probably, the last visit of Sargsyan to France as a President and a question if they are confident that these activities will change something, Voskerchyan answered: “Sargsyan is a liar and drug addict. But most of all he is a liar. He will be elected a Prime Minister in April and will help his acquaintance, who lives in London, to be elected a president of Armenia. There is still time and I hope it will be a moment for a big explosion in Armenia, as a result of which Sargsyan and his gang will find themselves on the dustbin of history” – said Voskerchyan, adding that the Armenian people can’t stand it anymore. They have been falsifying election results for 25 years and people stand it. All three Presidents of Armenia were pursuing a policy that lead the people to the situation in which 10 thousand drams became something significant. Also the soaring prices aimed at enrichment of Serge and his gang must overtax people’s patience. All people have to take to the streets, they can’t stand it anymore. So much time people didn’t take to the streets due to an atmosphere of fear, but that’s no longer possible. And when this explosion takes place, Serge and his gang are going to lose”, – Shant Voskerchyan concluded.

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