Armenian Lobby: “As long as there are Serge Sargsyan and Karen Karapetyan, it is not worth even to visit Armenia”

The Prime-Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan, in the framework of his visit to Switzerland held a working dinner in Zurich, with the representatives of the Swiss-Armenian Chamber of Commerce and called on to come to Armenia to do business and to invest, as Armenia has become “a dignified place for investment and business”. Karapetyan said they initiated “significant reforms” in various spheres – public administration, tax and customs, education and they also improve business environment and atmosphere.

According to, the Chairman of the Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe (FAAE) Ashot Grigoryan thinks that the Prime-Minister of Armenia is methodically lying.

 “Many people, interested in investment in Armenia, run away from our Prime-Minister and President, due to this shameful behavior, because they lie in one voice. They cynically lie. They push us to finally warn everybody not to invest in Armenia, as there are Serge Sargsyan and Prime-Minister Karen Karapetyan. Our holding spent quite a lot of money, we came to Armenia two times, prepared business-plans, participated in tenders, spent tens of thousands euro, we provided all material for tender in January 2017, but we have not received even a response. And now he wants to convince us that next time we will get better results? We don’t believe anymore, in the diaspora it has been widely held that as long as there are Serge Sargsyan and Karen Karapetyan, it is not worth even to visit Armenia. Conversely, we need to unite, rise up and save the country. Now we see that Serge Sargsyan is trying to get rid of the Prime-Minister, as he has planned this place for himself, but we expect nothing good, because so far all those promises were empty, we could see only intrigues” – he said in an interview to “the First Armenian Informational”.

In the view of Grigoryan, it is impossible to attract diaspora investment in Armenia through various promises and Karen Karapetyan and Serge Sargsyan are making vain efforts.

“There is no adequate Armenian diaspora that would like to invest in Armenia. If you find one or two, just know – they come to rob. Such Armenians from diaspora are to be found in Russia, they will come to rob with the local authorities. But they are not investors they are clan-affiliated people, the same thieves. They are showmen, scum just like Serge Sargsyan, like Karen Karapetyan. Serge Sargsyan knows it well. He understands that if one day he leaves the palace, he will face justice. He and his family will be stood up against the wall. People can’t leave unpunished all they did – he, his brother Sashik and another brother-medalist. At least now they have to wake up, apology to the whole nation, foreswear the premiership and hold proper elections, not to let the scum appear in the National Assembly” –  the Chairman of the Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe concluded.

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