How To Propagandise An Attack Successfully

Zehra Safa

Middle East Researcher


Once again, the territory of the Middle East is not left alone by the self-seeker president of the US. The accord which officially confirms the USA’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Height was signed by Donald Trump yesterday. The aftermath of his plans’ failure in Syria, Trump’s government is doing everything they can to keep the tension in the Middle East as high as possible. The US President causes eyebrows to rise with his moves on the mentioned region thus receives many reactions from all over the world. Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared these actions as “against international law.”

International law secures a country’s territorial integrity; it does not take a genius mind to deduct that this move of the US is the clearest infringement of international law so far. However, again, and unfortunately, it will not receive any real revulsion that it should receive; because we know that, especially the West has a very selective perception of law, punishment, and justice that does not comprise any other country’s rights or territorial integrity from which they can benefit.

Moreover, upon this recognition, a new attack between Israel forces and Gaza Strip started, wounding several people on both sides. An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was announced and confirmed by a Hamas spokesperson, but the exchange of fire continued until the dawn of Tuesday. So far, on Tuesday, both Israel and armed factions in the Gaza Strip have stopped firing. Of course, Palestinian citizens in Gaza could not propagandize this attack on their behalf like Israeli people did.

The official Twitter account of Israel’s Defense Forces shared a video filmed by an Israeli college student living near Gaza, headlining it as “What is it like spending your night in a bomb shelter?”, Teaching the world how to propagandize even an attack successfully. As can be seen, it is not enough for them to make people live through every kind of humiliation and occupation, they now act as if they know how to live under bombs better than anyone else in the world, even better than the people, they have been bombing over the past fifty years.

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