Whose order does the Armenian lobby in Knesset want to fulfill?

The Armenian lobby and the forces that use it behind the scenes are concerned about the normalization of relations between Israel and Turkey. So they decided to resort to the old method, that is, once again present the issue of interpretation of the events of 1915 in Ottoman Empire for discussion in the Knesset. Thus, cause a wave of indignation in Turkey. The forces that are behind the scenes, manipulating the Armenian lobby and paid figures, pursue quite tangible goals to obstruct the process of rapprochement between Turkey and Israel.

The fact, that on July 5, the Knesset prepares to discuss the events of 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, became known in an interview with the Israeli historian Yair Auron. He was interviewed by The Zoryan Institute. Let me remind that The Zoryan Institute is the main Armenian lobby organization, lobbying the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide. The director of the Genocide Studies Program in this organization is an American scientist of Armenian origin Vahakn Dadrian. It is worth noting that Dadrian is quite a scandalous person.  He got into this organization, after he was dismissed from the college where he taught classes due to systematic sexual harassment towards his students. Also in 1950 Dadrian was accused of pedophilia. And during his second visit to the USSR, he was expelled for attempted rape(1). It is remarkable that a person with such a reputation, addresses the issue of the Armenian Genocide, and holds such a high position in the organization, which aims to lobby for recognition of the 1915 events as genocide.

The Armenian version of the events of 1915 has a lot of controversial points; I would say it even has more controversial points than indisputable facts. If we turn to the documentary database, there is no single document confirming the intention of the Ottoman Empire authorities to exterminate the Armenians. As we know, in 1919, Istanbul was captured by the Allies, and the large number of Turkish leaders was exiled to Malta. But finding no evidence of their guilt the British had to let them go. The Armenian side claims that during the so-called genocide, 1.5 million people were killed. If we analyze the number of Armenians remaining in Turkey, and those who migrated to the Caucasus, went to Europe and the United States, and were deported to the Arab provinces, then the death toll of 1.5 million looks simply fantastic. It is also noteworthy that, in Turkey there is not a single mass grave of Armenians. But there are mass graves of Turkish and Kurdish peasants exterminated by Armenian volunteer units who fought on the side of Russian troops.

I understand that the issue of the Armenian Genocide became political long ago, it is no longer historical. Accordingly, a decision on it will also be politically motivated and far from the truth and history.


It is noteworthy that recently a monument to one of the Armenian war criminals Garegin Nzhdeh was erected in Yerevan. I wonder if the members of Knesset know about it.

Ali Hajizade, political analyst, head of the project “The Great Middle East”

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