Our Mission

The Greater Middle East is a bipartisan, policy research organization. The groundwork was laid in 2015, as it was the first information resource about the GME in the Russian language. By the time, TGME transformed into a resource involved in research and analysis of the GME and a platform for an exchange of views.

TGME promotes constructive dialogue and a scientific approach to the study of problems of the region. We are open for the dialogue and cooperation with mass media and scientific organizations.

Middle East Analyst Ali Hajizade was the founder and director of TGME, he led the project since its launch in 2015. In December 2021, he left TGME to focus on his other projects.

If you are an expert and want to present your expert review, then you can contact one of the editors.
For example: [email protected]
The rules for experts:
*An expert cannot use a pseudonym.
*An expert should be willing to provide his/her photo in order to be published.
*An expert must have at least three publications in at least two resources (magazine, newspaper, or website).