Israel: The innovative State and Pakistani Politics

Noor Dahri

Middle East Analyst, United Kingdom.


The world media is in a rush to condemn Israel for anything that goes wrong in Gaza or in the Palestinian Authority. Muslims also blame Israel for wrongdoings happening in their own countries. Pakistani political and religious leaders started their election campaign with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans despite the fact that Israel is one of the most innovative and welfare countries in the world. There was an election atmosphere in Pakistan and all parties started to accuse each other of Indian supportive, American funded or foreign agenda but recently winning party PTI has been blamed of Israeli and Zionist backup party by the mainstream far right-wing party PML (N).

Political party’s candidates win preliminary seats by abusing Israel and Jews, this rhetoric comes under the definition of racism and under the sub-clause of religious and ethnical racism. People even lose their elections because they are accused of being Zionist or Israeli agents in Pakistan which is nothing but an excuse to get them to lose the elections.

People always accuse Israel of being a terrorist state, even though they do not know the definition of a terrorist or a terrorism sponsor country. They know nothing about how a state is involved in activities related to terrorism or why they commit terrorist activities. Those countries that wage war against the enemy constituencies and are involved in killing civilians come under war crimes and if they are not proven guilty and did not kill enemy constituents deliberately, come under the definition of collateral damage, NOT under the definition of terrorism or terrorist-sponsoring countries.

The UN and EU passed many resolutions and condemned Israel for killing civilians in Gaza during different Army operations, but never blamed Israel for war crimes, of being a terrorist sponsored country or vice versa. Israel has never considered being a terrorist financing country. No single International forum that deals with terrorism has brought Israel into its consideration so far.

There is no single Jewish organization that is listed as a terrorist organization by the UN, EU or even the Arab League. Israel is as much of a victim of terrorism as Pakistan but the difference between Pakistan and Israel is that Pakistan is in the grey list of FATF while Israel is not. No doubt that Pakistan lost nearly one hundred and thousands of innocent lives, including tens of thousands uniformed personnel fighting against terrorism, but along with fighting terrorism, Pakistan seemed less serious or took no action countering extremism that was sustained within its borders.

There are banned terrorist and sectarian organizations which are listed in the US department’s watch list, not only allowed to participate in the general election but their assets and frozen bank accounts were also restored in Pakistan. This is not a positive message that the western world seeks from Pakistan. Pakistan is just like Israel; both countries are fighting for their survival and are the victims of Islamic terrorism combinedly.

If we look at the other side of the coin, Israel is one of the strongest and developing countries in economy, finance, technology, science and many others fields in the world. The world still needs Israeli products to run the globe successfully and peacefully. Israeli products are highly demandable in the world whether in science, health, sport, military, agriculture, art, education, medicine. Israelis also won the Nobel Prize in the fields of literature, economics, chemistry, PEACE and many more.  Israel is ranked in the top ten most innovative nations worldwide by the 2017 and 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

The People of Pakistan should have learned lessons from the state of Israel about how a deprived and devastated nation became one of the most powerful nations in the universe. The destruction of Israel is only a dream which will not happen again because the Israeli nation knows the technique of their survivals. The Western world is core responsible for the genocide of the Jewish nation in the second world war so are Arab nations that collaborated with Germany in the Jewish genocidal but in the last 70 years after the creation of Israel, the Israeli nation proudly and courageously took a very decent revenge from the world particularly from Europe.

The Israeli nation fought many great wars that were enough to wipe them out from the map of the world but they defended surprisingly. They not only made their Army and Intelligence unbeatable but spent their full energy inventing many new products in terms of benefiting the entire world. After successfully creating the state of Israel, the Israeli nation had a bright chance to take revenge by creating Jewish terrorist organizations all around the world because every second Israeli citizen possesses western nationality. They could have killed millions of western lives in the revenge for the genocide of six million Jewish but they preferred to participate in the survival of the world by creating new inventions that gave a new life to the billions of people in the world.

Do you know why the Jewish nation chose to be creative instead of destructive? The answer is simple; they knew the value of life. They paid a high enough price for thousands of years to realize what humanity really is. They love life as we love death.

Pakistan is very close in similarity with the state of Israel because Pakistan likewise Israel sacrificed millions of its people to achieve the independence but we did not value the sovereignty of our country. We not only damaged the country but destroyed the nation completely. Pakistan is very infamous for so many things that its creative products are hidden and hardly seen by the world. We fought others wars instead of making our nation strong and powerful. We induced seeds of terrorism and religious extremism within our nation in regards to benefit other nations. We poisoned our own generation in terms of providing new life for western generations.

Israel has a strong check and balance and judicial system but we corrupted our judicial and security institutions. Israel has one of the best educational systems, but we created an illiterate generation in order to make them slaves to their wealthy masters. We completely ruined our institutions such as education, health, agriculture, industry, tech, etc. We have lost 0.1 million lives since 9/11 but we have no credible counterterrorism institute that educates our nation the difference between Islam and political Islam.

Israel has one of the best institutions in the world “International Institute for Counter-Terrorism – ICT” that counters the menace of terrorism but Pakistan has the best institutions that only create extremism, which is nothing but shame and humiliation for the nation of Pakistan as well as for the state of Pakistan.

We still chant “Death to Israel” even though we know it cannot be possible anymore; we not only love death but spread death and wish death for everyone. Love your life instead of love death because life is a great gift from Almighty according to the teachings of Islam.

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  1. If there were more Muslims in the world like Noor Dahri, who grew up in Pakistan, steeped in hatred for Israel and the Jewish people, but who went on to study and educate himself to the truth and facts – the world would be a much better place. Thank you Noor for your insight, intelligence and bravery to speak your truths in the face of criticism and threats from those who prefer to cling to the lies and inculcation of their upbringing.

  2. Well written and excellent opportunity to explain to the Western world. But aren’t you mostly preaching to the choir? I would think this kind of message would best be served to Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

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