Democracy carried through pain and tears

Ismail Okan

Researcher journalist based in Turkey


The World has been watching American President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel decisions for days and weeks. It looks like Trump is acting like an Israeli president rather than the United States. Also, his campaign was “Make America Great Again,” but his steps are more suitable to create a “Great Israel.” In this situation, there is no meaning in carrying the American badge on his jacket. Let us change your flags, Mr. Trump!

The American values have never been much humiliated like this before. Trump and his background ideology are showing us how you can chew democracy, human rights, and freedom. There are a few parallel movements between Israeli elections and the US at this moment. Occupied Syrian soils, Golan Heights are bestowed to Israeli regime by the Trump government. Did you see how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was jumping around Trump from happiness? What happened to those who speak about the right of self-determination in every chance? Why no one asks Golani Arabs for what they want? All of us waited for what is next after the tragic decision for Jerusalem and Golan Heights. Another gift is prepared for Israel over Iran. Trump’s government declared the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization. I definitely cannot defend IRGC, but there is a question for the American government; Is this decision really sincere when some people are killing school children with American bombs in Yemen? Or when some people are killing journalists in their consulates with ISIS methods.


Someone is lying to us. It is a big lie which carries bombs to build democracy. You must be blind to build democracy in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan before Saudi Arabia, for example. Since your ideology started to carry democracy to these countries, our bleeding has not stopped. You must be blind to talk about press freedom in the world when your allies are killing a journalist; especially when this journalist had been working for an American newspaper, for instance. Or you must be definitely blind to talk about global terrorism blaming a number of countries around the world, while you are the ones who send weapons to a terrorist organization against your NATO ally Turkey. We can add more examples about your double standards, but probably it would take days to write about it. The World is still waiting for an answer about Jamal Khashoggi. The World still wants to believe your libertarian values. However, it does not look possible when we are talking about death penalties for some woman human rights activists. An American star rebels, while your allies are killing Yemeni school children with American bombs. However, some people are still blind… Of course not only today or yesterday, but these things have also been continuing for years. Most of them have been blind, except regarding Israel’s safety.


Israel is the US’ naughty child in the Middle East. There is always an excuse to kill a Palestinian. We are still watching terrifying scenes about how an Israeli settler or soldier kills and leaves knives near Palestinians. A genocide takes place in these borders step by step, and there is nothing to see about American human rights values. Moreover, the Gaza Strip is turned as a test site for American and Israeli weapons. Near this, Israeli regime earns new friends like Egyptian coup leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman. New beginnings are celebrated with American and European Democrats in Cairo while death penalties are taking place for anti-coup members. Additionally, new plans are prepared over Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, and others to draw Israeli borders again. More petrol for the US, more democracy for the World and more safety for Israel. By the way, it looks like Iran is seen as a nuclear threat, but at the same time, Saudis are going to complete their nuclear reactors under US protection.


Today, Iran is grappling with tragic floods in some parts of the country. American authorities criticize Iran regime for floods and, at the same time, they continue a show over humanitarian aids. There are severe claims about how the US is blocking some aid activities against Iran, according to some independent journalists in the West and also by Tehran. Trump government tries to compress the Iranian regime on many sides, even use a disaster, but this attitude does not help Iranian people. Iranians are jamming more and more every day between the US sanctions and the Iranian regime. An educated nation is being destroyed with cruelties. This situation gives birth to an unacceptable collective punishment against Iranians. Today, Iranian people need hope but not from you or your puppets. Especially when all your policies work under Israeli effect. And all these things strengthen the Iranian regime’s hand. Sadly, there are still some people, who believe that you are carrying democracy or liberty to all the World. Dear sirs, their so-called democracy comes as coffins and returns as petrol barrels.

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