Armenians try to force Trump to cross the “red line”

The closer the April 24 is, a sacred date for world Armenians, the more active the Armenian lobby becomes. The most active ones in this matter are the Armenian organizations in the United States, that are trying through “their people” to influence the American President, who is not too experienced in international affairs, so that he said the phrase “Mets Yeghern”, specifically “genocide”, on April 24, in a traditional message to the Armenian people. Thus, it is noteworthy that the “Group on Armenian Issues” of the US Congress has already issued a public statement calling on President Donald Trump to recognize the “Armenian genocide”.

Since January of this year, when a new team moved in the White House, Armenian Ambassador to the United States Grigor Hovannisian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America Aram Hamparian, as well as pro-Armenian politicians Frank Pallone, Jackie Speier, David Trott, David Valdao, Adam Schiff have begun to meet frequently with people close to high cabinet officials in Washington. According to the information we have, only one question is discussed at the meetings: is it possible that Trump would recognize the “genocide” on April 24? And what needs to be done? Meanwhile, the petitioners complain that the previous administration led by Obama severely deceived the Armenian diaspora of the US, because while still a candidate for the US presidency, Obama allegedly promised to positively consider the issue of the recognition of the “Armenian genocide”. However, after moving into the White House, Obama successfully forgot about his promise as well as the previous US presidents.

In private interviews with the author of these lines, members of the Congress, experts and journalists acknowledge that, in the case of Trump, the Armenians’ hopes for the recognition of “genocide” will not come true. Firstly, Trump never hinged on the votes of the Armenian Diaspora and he has no obligations to it. Secondly, Trump is unlikely to get the US government involved in such an ambiguous and complex issue as “the Armenian genocide”. There are a lot of problems and without the “Armenian genocide” in the US that Trump intends to concentrate on. Thirdly, despite the apparent cooling of US-Turkish relations, Washington still considers Turkey to be one of the most important members of NATO, and therefore, no matter how hard the Armenian diaspora pushes Trump, he will not cross the “red line” and will not break off the relations with Ankara for the sake of the “genocide”, especially, considering the explosive nature of Turkish President Erdogan.

And although Trump seems to be such a simpleton, in fact, as president he will be guided by considerations of pragmatic politics and security. He is not interested in events of more than a hundred years ago and all this talk about “historical justice”. Therefore, one can state with all certainty that the issue of the “Armenian genocide” will receive a final solution neither this year nor in the subsequent years of Trump’s presidency. It’s politics and nothing personal!

Author: Salman Bagirov


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