Large-scale military exercises start in Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces will conduct Command-Staff War Games (CSWG) on November 16 within the operational training of troops, the country’s Defense Ministry reported.

Strategic, operational, operational-tactical and tactical headquarters and special forces will be involved in conducting the war games, with the use of forces and means at certain stages.

The CSWG aims to improve the level of interoperability between headquarters and troops in solving complex issues of conducting modern combined-arms operations, including in the conditions of mountain relief, complex electronic warfare environment, as well as other characteristic features determined by the concept of the war games.

During one of the CSWG stages, the practical actions of the interacting military units and subunits will also be inspected with determination of their maneuverable and firing capabilities in the air, sea and on land.

The war games will last until November 20.

The Azerbaijani Army, which today is considered the most modern army in the Caucasus, consists of Air Force and Air Defense Forces, the Navy, and the Land Forces.

The skills and combat readiness of the Azerbaijani army are growing year by year, as the country’s Armed Forces regularly conduct military exercises. The Azerbaijani army is supplied with modern weapons and technical equipment for maintaining a high level of combat capability.

The army building process is of particular importance for Azerbaijan, as twenty percent of the country’s territory is under Armenian occupation and the country is in a state of war with Armenia.



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