Elin Suleymanov discussed Azerbaijan with the Jewish diaspora

In the light of the current complex geopolitical processes, there is a special need for a strategic US approach to the South Caucasus, based on long-term interests. This was stated by the Azerbaijani Ambassador to the United States Elin Suleymanov, during his speech at a seminar on “New Partners: Israel and the Caucasus region”, held in Washington in the political conference for 2017 of the most authoritative Jewish organization in the United States – the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC).

According to the Azerbaijani Embassy in the United States, 19,000 delegates took part in the conference this year.

Elin Suleymanov USA

Azerbaijani ambassador to the United States, Elin Suleymanov, who is traditionally invited to the political conferences conducted by AIPAC in recent years, spoke at the event as the main speaker. At the event, moderated by Executive Director of the National Coalition for Support of Eurasian Jews Mark Levy, also spoke Professor of the University of Haifa, researcher of the American Georgetown University Brenda Shaffer and Director of the Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus and the Johns Hopkins University Silk Road Research Program Svante Cornell.

Noting that Azerbaijan is a historical space for the peaceful coexistence of various faiths, Elin Suleymanov stressed that Israel was one of the first to recognize the national independence of Azerbaijan. He said that at the same time Azerbaijan is closely cooperating with the US on energy and counterterrorism, and stated the utmost importance of sustainable support of energy projects in the region by Washington.

S.Cornell and B.Shaffer, noting that Azerbaijan is a tolerant country with an open society, stressed that despite the occupation of 20% of the territory of the republic and the presence of more than one million refugees and internally displaced persons, the public of the country refused radicalism, and the main economic resources of the government were directed towards development.

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