Mehriban Aliyeva: I can cook all national dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine

In an interview with the Russian TV channel “Russia 24”, the first vice-president of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva spoke about her love for cooking.

“We have been told by your friends that, in general, nothing female is alien to you. You are a perfect hostess, who can easily stand behind the stove “, – the journalist asked.

-This is, yes, with pleasure. I really enjoy cooking. You know, just if you are asking how I relax, it’s the way I can completely relax, and it is in some way a creative work – to make a tasty dish. I love it, I do it and know how to do it. Maybe it sounds a little immodest. But I hope that those who have tried my meals, will say that I am not wrong about this. I can cook almost all national Azerbaijani dishes, I love cooking European dishes. I mean, it is perfectly normal. This is something that, first of all, I believe, every woman should be able to do, but if you also love it, then why not.


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