MPs demand education in mother tongue for South Azerbaijan – Video

Iranian MPs elected from South Azerbaijan, spoke at the session of the Iranian parliament a couple of days ago and demanded the authorities to create conditions for mother-tongue education for the Azerbaijanis living in Iran, in particular, for those who live in South Azerbaijan.

It should be reminded that despite the fact that Iran is home to about 30 million Azerbaijanis, they do not have basic national rights, including the right to have education in their native language.

One speaker, a deputy elected from Urmia, Seyid Hadi Bahaduri (Seyid Hadi Bəhaduri) was dressed in Azerbaijani national clothes and ended his speech with the lines from the famous poem “Azerbaijan” of Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun. In his speech he stressed that since Shah, the authorities have been trying to destroy, nullify the national identity of Azerbaijanis, one of the methods in this process is the ban on education in mother tongue.

“Bahaduri also expressed his dissatisfaction with the policy of iranization of placenames in South Azerbaijan. The deputy also touched upon the issue of the racist insults against Azerbaijanis in the Iranian media, and called to punish the perpetrators.”

Let us recall that the activists from South Azerbaijan have recently appealed to the President of the USA Donald Trump, after the ban on entry of Iranian citizens, not to consider them as Iranian nationals LINK.

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