France annuls the law on criminalization of denying so-called “Armenian genocide”

The Constitutional Council of France has annulled the law on “criminalizing the denial of certain crimes”, also covering the events of 1915 in Ottoman Turkey.

According to “Anadolu”, in the decision, the Constitutional Council notes that “extra injection of hate – an unnecessary step in the current legislation.”

“This law, if applied, implies punishment for actions that can not be considered as criminal. At the same time, this law leads to uncertainty about the legality of a ban on the views concerning the events that require investigation by historians. For this reason, the Act is a blow to freedom of speech “, – is stated in the decision of the Constitutional Council.

Let us recall that the adoption of this law by the French Parliament in October last year provoked a sharp reaction from the Turkish public.

On the basis of the appropriate requests by the Turkish diaspora organizations, the law was sent for review to the Constitutional Council for the final decision.

It should be noted that for the denial of the “Armenian genocide” the Act provided for a fine of 45 thousand euros or imprisonment for a term of 1 year.


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