There are no youth left in Karabakh, all fled to Russia

Last week, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan convened a meeting on the macroeconomic situation and the state budget for 2017. Government media have immediately reported that the issues discussed during the meeting were related to the stimulation of economic growth, reducing risks of the state budget implementation. However, independent and opposition Armenian experts argue that the government is throwing dust in the eyes of the public, as the situation in the republic and in the occupied Azerbaijani territories continues to deteriorate.

According to political analyst Armen Grigoryan, the current critical situation will not find a solution in the near future. Grigoryan says that Prime Minister of Armenia Karen Karapetyan was unable to make progress and failed to strengthen public confidence in the authorities. The situation in Karabakh, he says, is even worse, where allegedly an economic growth was recorded. Grigoryan gave the example of the Khojavend District occupied by Armenia, where there are almost no young people left.

According to him, youth are fleeing “Martuni” (the occupied part of Khojavand region – Ed.), because there is no work, no prospects for the future. In addition, young people refuse to serve in the occupying army, because they do not want to leave their families without help. As a result, young people move to Russia en masse. And not only for work, but also for permanent residence.

“After settling in Russia, they are then taking their families from Karabakh”, – said political analyst.

But instead of directing all efforts and means to boost the economy, Serzh Sargsyan increases the law enforcement budget. Whereas, in 2008-2015, the military budget of Armenia was increased by two and a half times, but the Police budget – by 5 times.

“The authorities increase the number of police to protect their power. Even in Gyumri and Vanadzor, it was decided to set up new police stations”, – said Grigoryan.

Source: Azeri.Today

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