Karabakh Armenians are being massively resettled to Abkhazia: a new separatist plan is brewing

Yerevan is trying to compensate for the mass flight of Armenian separatists from Karabakh following the successful operation of the Azerbaijani army by settling new territories in the countries of the region. In particular, Armenian separatists began to settle en masse in Abkhazia. This is reported by social media users from Sukhumi. These reports are also confirmed by representatives of the Abkhaz community in Turkey. According to the information, about 3-4 thousand Armenians were transported to Abkhazia over the past month.

Supply and settlement of Armenians in Abkhazia is carried out by the ruler of the “Black Sea coast of Russia”, businessman Ruben Tatulyan, known by nickname “Robson”. Tatulyan is an indispensable sponsor of the Abkhaz authorities, therefore the local authorities could never deny any favors to such an authority, even if they contradicted the interests of the Abkhaz people.

Social media users complain that large Armenian diaspora, with the help of Robson, provides foreigners with houses on the Black Sea coast of Sukhumi and with arable land. It should be noted that as a result of the implemented demographic policy, the Armenians have in recent years become the majority: more than half of the population of Abkhazia are Armenians.

Successful operation for liberation of the occupied lands by the Azerbaijani army was an unexpected blow for the world Armenians, and forced the representatives of the Diaspora to quickly optimize plans for the near future, according to which resettlement to Abkhazia should lead to a complete change in the demographic picture of the region, after which the Armenians will strengthen their status as the ethnic majority.

It should be noted that for a long time Yerevan has been developing plans to obtain national and cultural autonomy within Abkhazia, which is a part of a larger plan of the world Armenians for creation of a second Armenian state on the Black Sea coast in the future. Thus, the Armenians hope to realize an age-old dream of an “access to the sea”.

Robson, who has very close connections in the government of the self-proclaimed republic and tries to make a political career in Abkhazia, was involved in order to achieve these particular objectives.

A couple of years ago, Tatulyan’s participation in the presidential elections in Abkhazia was actively discussed. This was widely covered in the Armenian media back then. Apparently, powerful Armenian lobby did not abandon these plans, as the Karabakh Armenians should play a key role as electorate for that same “Robson” in the next elections.

It should be noted that the Armenian diaspora also constitutes the most combat-ready part of the population of Abkhazia, and is known for its participation in the genocide of Georgian civilian population in the 1992-1993 war. A couple of days ago, this same battalion was sent with much fanfare to participate in the battles in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Apparently, immediately after the end of the Karabakh war, new separatist movements will appear in the Caucasus, the result of which should be separation of the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia.

By Alexander Shugalei

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