Yemen’s Houthi militia detains Sanaa University professors

The Houthi militia detained professors at the University of Sanaa at the Naqil Yaslah checkpoint while they were heading to Aden to receive their salaries on Tuesday.

According to the teaching union at the university, the Houthis detained all the professors and interrogated them for a long time, then decided to detain them all except for one female doctor and her daughter.

At least five of the university professors were thus detained.

The teaching union condemned these practices, which violate the constitution and the law and called on relevant authorities to carry out their duties to protect the professors at the University of Sanaa so they can perform their duties during Yemen’s current circumstances.

It also called for the quick release of all those illegally detained and called on civil society institutions and human rights organizations to stand with them to free their colleagues.

The union also called on the university’s presidency to make efforts to protect professors and employees at the university.

The union added that its statement is tantamount to a notification to the prosecutor and demanded punishment for those who illegally detain citizens.

It added that it reserves its legal right to take all the legal measures necessary to guarantee the right of education sector employees.


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