Arab Coalition says they have no self-interest in Yemen, sole aim is stability

A high-ranking military delegation from Saudi Arabia and the UAE arrived in Aden to enforce the Arab Coalition’s calls for a ceasefire between the warring sides.

The delegation’s leaders met with concerned parties, reiterating the importance of maintaining the ceasefire and peace in Aden, and to focus on ridding Yemen of the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

In a joint statement, the delegation stressed that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have no personal interest in Yemen, and that the main objective is the political and social stability of the country. This is why putting a halt to the fighting is important as the current situation is a disservice to the coalition’s mission of liberating Yemen.

They added that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are a united front and have the same goal which is for Yemen to remain a stable, peaceful and legitimate country, able to develop and flourish.

A UAE spokesperson from the delegation said that they will stand with Yemen until it is liberated, and that the nation’s interest should come above any parallel differences and clashes that deter everyone from the main goal.



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