Yemeni Forces Capture Saudi Military Base in Assir Province

The Yemeni army and Popular forces continued their advances inside Saudi Arabia, and took control of a strategic military base in the Southern part of the kingdom.

The Yemeni forces first opened heavy artillery fire on enemy defense lines and fortifications in Saudi Arabia’s al-Hanjar military base in Assir province, and then captured the base in a raid on Monday.

The army and popular forces destroyed several military vehicles and equipment of the Saudi forces in fierce clashes, and seized many others.

After taking control of al-Hanjar military base, the Yemeni forces advanced towards al-Sheibani heights and clashed with the Saudi military men.

The Yemeni army is now trying to take control of other Saudi military bases in the Southern parts of Saudi Arabia.

On Monday, the Yemeni popular forces, backed by the country’s Republican Guard, continued their large-scale offensive in Jizan Province and captured a major Saudi Arabia’s military camp in the region.

“Ansarullah forces and their allies managed to capture the Al-Farida Military Camp in the Jizan region after a fierce battle with Saudi-led Coalition forces,” local sources said.

In addition to capturing this military site, the Ansarullah forces and their allies confiscated the Saudi Army’s heavy weapons and Abrams Tanks that were left behind.

Al-Farida Military Camp is located near the contested city of Al-Khabuh in the Jizan Province, it was one of the Saudi Army’s main bases in this area.


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