Yemeni army spots 100 Iranian experts providing support for Houthis in Saada

Over the past few days, the Yemeni army has monitored more than 100 Iranian experts in Saada, providing logistical and technical support to the Houthi militias, and an arsenal of medium and heavy weapons, such as ballistic missiles deployed in the city of Saada and inside its caves.

According to military sources, the militias have recently begun sending large numbers of experts to Saada, the birthplace of the leader of the coup d’état, Abdelmalek Houthi.

The city is also the main station for storing the weapons seized from the army depots during the coup in order to stop the advance of the national army towards the city, which is now surrounded from five main directions.

The information was gathered through intelligence operations and the statements made by more than 10 Houthi militia leaders who were captured by the army. The information is significant and accurate about the presence of these experts in the city and the missions they carry out by laying mines, providing training in heavy equipment and firing missiles indiscriminately and intensively.

Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported that Brigadier Abdo Majali said that 10 of the prominent field commanders of the militias fell into the hands of the army, dealing a severe blow to the Houthis, in addition to those who were killed by the strikes of the coalition forces to support the legitimacy.

He added that the army monitored the presence of about 100 Iranian experts providing various forms of support for the Houthis in Saada, such as manufacturing and firing missiles.

He also said that the army is imposing a siege on the militias, which led hundreds of fighters to flee from their positions towards villages near Saada.




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