Coalition of Arab countries slam Houthi attack on warship

Arab coalition spokesman Ahmed Asiri slammed a Houthi attack on a Saudi warship earlier this week and said it was a dangerous indicator.

“Launching attacks from the Hodeida port and targeting a Saudi warship is an act of sabotage and a dangerous indicator,” Asiri told Al-Hadath channel, Al Arabiya’s sister news channel, on Tuesday evening.

“The Saudi warship was monitoring ships entering the Hodeida port,” he also said, adding that Houthi militias work randomly and target maritime security in the Red Sea.

According to Asiri, the Hodeida port is one of the most important ports for delivering humanitarian aid and supplies and for bringing in commercial products into Yemen.

“Therefore, launching terrorist attacks on the Hodeida port will affect the productivity of the port and its work. This is part of the militias’ sabotaging act,” Asiri said.

“The terrorist threat in Yemen includes the Houthis and al-Qaeda. They are two sides of the same coin and they work together,” he added.


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