Yemeni army cuts off Houthi militia aid supply to Albuqa

Yemeni armed forces backed by the Arab coalition liberated Friday the mountain chain and al-Faraa village in Saada governorate from Houthi militia control.

Military field sources said to Al that the Yemeni army and coalition have gained control over the mountainous chain which overlooks al- Faraa from the west and south-west, and the roads linking Kitaf with al-Buqaa.

In turn, they have blocked the way for any aid flooding in for the Houthi militia from central Kitaf directorate, they added.

Earlier, the Yemeni armed forces backed by the coalition launched a successful military operation, liberating many strategic locations in Hard front in the governorate of Hajja north west of Yemen.

On the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, the leader of the Saada axis Brigadier General Obeid al-Athlea said that the army forces in Kitaf directorate carried out a military operation which enabled them to liberate Tibab Ajaj, Khashm Thayiq and Jabal al Barq al-Ahmer in the area of Atafin in Kitaf.


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