Saudi air defense destroy ballistic missile fired by Houthis on Najran

Saudi air defense forces have intercepted and destroyed a Houthi ballistic missile on Saturday, which was headed towards Najran.

According to an Al Arabiya correspondent, the forces intercepted the missile at 10:20 am local Saudi time. The Arab Coalition air force also located and destroyed the missile’s platform.

Earlier, Saudi air defense forces had also intercepted on Thursday a ballistic missile fire by the Houthi militia on Jazan. The Security Council strongly condemned the launching of the missiles by the militias on Saudi Arabia.

The Security Council affirmed that the ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi militias threaten the security of the region and expressed the concern that the militias announced their intention to target Saudi Arabia and other countries.

It urged that all member states to implement fully the arms embargo as required by Security Council resolutions, including resolution 2216.



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