Saudi Public Prosecution is now hiring women investigators

The Saudi Public Prosecution has announced that it is hiring Saudi women as investigation officers. The application process will start on Sunday, February 11, and will continue until March 3, al-Madina Arabic newspaper reported.

Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb said all applicants must be Saudis of good conduct, qualified for the position, have a relevant university degree with no less than a C grade. They should also pass aptitude tests and physical exams to prove their fitness for the position.

“The hiring process is a rigorous one as we are looking for the most qualified of candidates to take on such a critical job. After meeting all the application requirements, candidate will sit through an interview,” said al-Mojeb.

He said candidates once selected would have to take up various specialized roles including criminal investigation, testifying in courts, supervising the execution of penal verdicts, inspecting prisons, listening to complaints of inmates, overseeing prisoner release, and briefing the minister of interior on important reports, in addition to executive roles.

Al-Mojeb said the prosecution formed a committee to supervise family reconciliation.

“The head of the Committee is Ahmad al-Zahrani and its members include Abdullah Al-Sharif and Nasser Al-Oud. The bureau decided to form the committee to give more importance to family issues and reconciliation before taking any legal action,” said al-Mojeb.



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