Saudi Arabia opens soldier rank positions for women in seven regions

Saudi’s General Security division announced that soldier rank positions will be available for Saudi women in different regions including Riyadh, Mecca, al-Qusaim and al-Madina.

The conditions to apply include that the woman has to be of Saudi origin and to have been brought up in the kingdom, with the exception of women who lived with their fathers abroad due to a government-related responsibility.

They also need to be between the ages of 25-35 with a minimum of a high school education.

The applicants will have to pass some tests and interviews, as well as a medical checkup. They added that the applicant must have good conduct, and to have never worked in any government or military-related institution.

Those married to non-Saudi nationals are not eligible to apply.

The conditions also include the presence of her guardian and place of residence in the same area as the job’s location, and the applicant’s height must also not be less than 155 centimeters, with a good weight to height ratio.



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