UAE: Saudi woman worked in sex trade to feed illegal child

A jobless woman has been accused of working in prostitution and indulging in a sexual affair four years ago that resulted in the birth of an illegitimate baby girl.

The Saudi woman was said to have been involved in an assault in a villa in Mirdif in March before police were summoned and they arrested her at 9pm.

When police came to know that a four-year-old girl was present with the Saudi woman, according to records, the latter admitted that the child had been a result of an affair out of wedlock that she had with an Iranian, who has absconded from the UAE.

Further police questioning revealed that the woman, in her 40s, had delivered the illegal child in a flat in Ajman with the help of an Iranian woman. A Syrian visitor was also found to be living with her in her flat.

During questioning, the Saudi woman claimed that she had housed the Syrian man to stay with her because he was jobless and homeless.

She was also cited as admitting that she used to have sex with men twice or thrice a day for fees between Dh800 and Dh1,500 to be able to feed her daughter. Prosecutors accused the Saudi woman of working in prostitution and referred her to the Dubai Court of First Instance.

On Wednesday, jail wardens failed to bring the suspect on time and produce her before presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi to enter her plea.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors have also accused the Saudi woman and the Iranian runaway of having consensual sex. Meanwhile, the Saudi woman and the Syrian man were jointly accused of incitement to commit a sin by living together without being related.

The couple are also being tried before the Dubai Misdemeanours Court on the charge of having consensual sex and incitement to commit a sin.

The woman was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that she had been working in prostitution and had been getting paid for having sex with strangers for nearly two years.

Records said the Saudi and Syrian suspects shared the same accommodation in a flat in Ajman for three months.

During questioning, the woman claimed that she had been working in prostitution before she met the Iranian absconder. Then she indulged in a year-long unmarried sex relationship with him and delivered the baby girl before he left the UAE,

The Saudi further claimed during questioning that when she met the Syrian suspect in Dubai, she hired him as a babysitter and allowed him to stay in her flat.

The trial reconvenes next month.


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