New bill on Armed Forces of Azerbaijan adopted in second reading

A new bill on the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan was tabled for the second reading at the parliament’s plenary session on Friday.

Ziyafat Asgarov, first deputy chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on defense, security and anti-corruption, gave information about the bill, APA reported.

He noted that the new bill is entirely in line with military doctrine, national interests and international standards.

Based on the latest amendments to the Constitution of Azerbaijan, a new bill on the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan has been worked out defining legal regulation on activities of the Armed Forces.

In accordance with the Constitution, the notion of Armed Forces has been specified and it has been noted that the Armed Forces is made up of the Azerbaijan Army and other armed formations.

The law “On the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, adopted in 1991 and currently in force, determined the legal basis not only of the Armed Forces, but only of its part – the Azerbaijani Army.

The new bill specifies for the first time the notions of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, its integral part – the Azerbaijani Army and other armed formations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The activity of the Azerbaijani Army is organized by the Ministry of Defense, while other armed formations include special service bodies that ensure the security and national interests of the country and fight terrorism, the internal forces that provide protection of public order and security, border enforcement bodies that provide protection of state borders, the military association that forms civil defense, the organization that provides security of state protection facilities and defense of protected objects and others.

The bill regulates the issues of appointment, management and military construction of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as well as determines the legal basis for the activities of the Armed Forces.

According to the bill, the number of other armed formations shall be established by the President of Azerbaijan.

The document lists the tasks and main responsibilities of the Armed Forces and regulates the activities of the Armed Forces.

In turn, the activities of the structures that make up the Armed Forces will be regulated in accordance with separate laws “On the Azerbaijani Army”, “On intelligence and counterintelligence”, “On Internal Forces”, “On border guard services”, etc.

The bill was put to the vote and adopted.



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