Mahmoud Abbas urgently sent his men to Baku

As reports with reference to foreign media, the head of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, returned to Palestine and convened an emergency cabinet meeting cancelling his visit to China because of the situation around the Temple Mount.

At the meeting, Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of trying to change the status quo and violating the norms of international law. In connection with the situation around the Temple Mount, Mahmoud Abbas called for a UN Security Council meeting and requested to urgently send its representatives to Baku.

It should be reminded that, metal detectors were installed at the entrance to the Temple Mount after three Arabs carried out a terrorist attack near its foot, in which two Israeli servicemen were killed. The Palestinians considered this an insult to them and refused to pray in the mosque on the Temple Mount. The Palestinian sources threatened Israel that if the detectors were not removed, the attacks on Israelis using firearms would increase and the situation would get out of control.

Mahmoud Abbas, immediately after his return from Beijing to Ramallah, also contacted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and asked him to intervene in the negotiations about the situation around the Temple Mount. He invited the Turkish president to assume the authority in the negotiations on the resolution of the crisis with Israeli and American representatives in favor of the Palestinians.

The reason why Mahmoud Abbas urgently sent his representatives to Baku is still unknown. However, having sent his men to Baku, Mahmoud Abbas undoubtedly took into account the close ties of Azerbaijan with Israel and the authority of Azerbaijan in the Islamic world. It is known that Azerbaijan has previously undertaken some mediation missions between Israel and Palestine.

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