Political Islamic Terrorism, A Real Threat to The West

Noor Dahri

Middle East Analyst, United Kingdom.


The recent terrorist attacks in London shook the entire country of England and the world because it was the third terrorist incident within three months and one which was successfully carried out by Islamists just as the holy month of Ramadan was starting. The whole Muslim community in the UK is in shock because they were not expecting these ruthless attacks to be carried out in the Muslim month-long celebration of Ramadan but the counter terrorism pundits and security service experts were expecting these incidents. The security experts in the UK believe the country may face more these types of barbaric Islamic terrorist related attacks and it needs to be ready to counter them effectively. We have to understand what real terrorism is, where it is coming from to hit the entire peaceful community of the UK, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and where it could happen again. We are living in such a very critical and hostile situation. It is one where we don’t see a person who one day can be your friendly neighbour and then seemingly, suddenly become a potential killer of our innocent children and someone who wants to destroy our peaceful democratic values.

That these terrorists are Muslims is not in doubt and behead our people in the name of Allah. In the recent London attacks, one of the terrorist shouted “THIS IS FOR ALLAH” before he slit the throat of innocent person in the name of Allah. The words “ALLAHU AKBAR” have now become a symbol of terrorism and we need to accept it open. Muslims use these words in our prayers all the time, but now Political Islamists use these sacred words to take others’ lives mercilessly. This is really a big worry for the whole Muslim community across the world.

There are two distinct messages of Islam being claimed by two different ideological Muslims in the world through their actions.

1- Islam is one of the great religions of the world, a peaceful religion, a religion of tolerance, a religion of human rights and a foundation of world civilisations.
2- Islam is a brutal, backward, barbaric religion, abusing women, violent, terrorism promoted religion, and intellectually narrow ideology that is out to annihilate civilisation.

In my opinion both definitions of the religion of Islam are correctly being practiced worldwide. Both definitions came from the core texts of the Islamic books, one called Islamic doctrine and other called political Islamic ideology. According to Muqtedar Khan, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware:

“Many Muslim intellectuals and scholars since the beginning of the colonial era and the beginning of the enduring domination of the West over Muslim countries, have been lamenting the loss of Muslim Empire, Muslim power and Muslim glory. The key moment when the decline of Muslim power was crystallised in the Muslim psyche was when the Ottoman Empire disappeared and the Islamic caliphate as an institution was abolished in 1924. Many Islamic movements have since emerged with the explicit goal to revive the Muslim Ummah, reform Muslim societies and restore them to their past glory.”

After the demolition of Islamic Caliphate, Political Islam took over the charge to restore their lost glory by spreading Jihad in the world, by terrorising democratic societies and killing innocent people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in the name of Allah. They blame their lost glory to the Western powers (colonial powers) but they forget that their own religion was spreading in the world by colonising others parts of the world through Jihad. The Roman Empire, The Persian Empire, The Arab Peninsula, The African continent and many more are the examples of Islamic colonial system.

In my previous article, I described what the prime motto is of Political Islam, which is to dominate the world, dominate the entire world population and dominate all the world religions under the name of one religion-Islam. This is the political ideology of Islam that they wish to establish their caliphate, under the heat of terrorism across the world. Now they have brought the fire of Political Islam to the streets of western democratic countries through their domestic sleeper cells. I ask a question here, who is responsible of the battle of al- Andalusia (Spain) when, after conquering of Spain by the Muslim Berber commander Tariq bin Ziyad, 30,000 Spaniards (including women and children) were enslaved and sent to Syria? We must read our barbaric history and not blame other nations or religions of our own crimes.

We must accept that we have manipulated the Islamic texts (Qur’an) in order to fulfil our Political Islamic desires when we dream to conquer the world under our feet through Jihad (the killing of innocents in the name of Islam). How do we define the truth that The Qur’an has 13 verses that say that a Muslim is not to be a friend of Kafirs (Infidels)? I know better that the real meaning and implementation of these verses are only in the times of war, but many Muslims in the world, whether their ideology is Political Islam or Islamic, now believe that a Muslim must not be befriended by Kafirs (Non-Muslims) under any circumstances. This is a major problem in the uneducated and illiterate of Muslim community. It is also so in the West when they know Islam through the ideology of Political Islam and condemn that Muslims are not denouncing terrorism. But the reality is the opposite- it is Political Islam which promotes terrorism, particularly in the streets of the western countries.

According to the recent report by the UK Security services, there are around 23,000 Muslim extremists living in the UK among us and there are reports that around 450 British born Islamists came back from the war-torn zone of Syria safely and are in UK walking in streets along with those who they consider their prime targets. This is a very critical situation for the entire population of the UK, as we never know with certainty who can be our potential killer. It’s a time for Muslims living in the UK to decide that either they are with the country they born and brought up or with those who are destroying our freedom of religion, our human rights and our Islamic identity in the UK. It’s a time for Muslims not to sit in the mosques and wait for a miracle but a time to get out of your mosques, houses and make the democratic values of the UK stronger.

The British government should take some hard steps to protect the nation because according to the Prime Minister Theresa May “Enough is Enough”. My few suggestions to the British government:

1- To increase Humint (Human Intelligence) in the security services and in the law enforcement departments because human intel is at least as, if not more effective than tech intel
2- To reform prisons by separating potential terrorists into different centres
3- To revoke British nationalities from the convicted naturalised terrorists
4- Stop paying social benefits to extremists, Jihadists, and their families
5- Close (or monitor more closely) borders
6- Put suspected Islamist organisations under strict watch list
7- Reform the Prevent strategy
8- Introduce new counter domestic extremism policy for the prison services

The Muslim community in the UK should understand that the great danger in the shape of Islamic extremism has reached on their doors. These Islamists want to create a civil war between two cultures, two nations, two religions and two communities in the UK and Muslim should not let them win by not speaking out. According to my friend Matthew Cohn, a University of Frankfort professor:

“A million Moslems should stand up in the UK and say, we have failed. We have failed our youth. We have failed to love Britain. In fact, I fear, that if the Moslem community does not rise up to root out this evil hiding in their Madrassa and holy places, Evil will smile as civil unrest and even war breaks out.”

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