Man molested boy in Dubai

A worker has been accused of following an 11-year-old boy into the building where he lives, kissing him at the entrance and groping him.

The Indian boy was said to have been walking back home at 11.30am when the 28-year-old Pakistani worker followed him in the street and then entered the building where he lives at Al Hamriya in April.

Thinking he must be a neighbour in the building, the boy did not pay much attention to the worker, according to records, who suddenly grabbed the boy’s shoulder, groped him and kissed him.

The shocked boy did not know what to do and when he was about to scream, the worker ran out of the building.

The boy notified his father who reported the matter to the police.

Police checked the surveillance cameras installed at the entrance and arrested the worker shortly after they identified him.

Prosecutors charged the 28-year-old suspect of molesting the child.

The suspect entered a guilty plea when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

The Indian boy testified to prosecutors that he had just finished a private lesson at the neighbouring building before the incident happened.

“The suspect walked to the entrance behind me … at first I thought he lived in our building. Then he grabbed me and turned me around. He groped me and kissed me … I was too shocked to shout and it was the first time I had experienced such a situation. I went inside and told my father what had happened,” the 11-year-old told prosecutors.

A ruling will be heard on June 21.


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