Dubai: Woman kidnapped and raped by two men

An employee and his accomplice have been accused of kidnapping a woman and repeatedly raping her in a remote area.

The Sri Lankan woman was waiting for a taxi at 7pm after she finished work in Al Quoz area when the two Pakistani suspects forced her into their car in September.

The two men then headed to a remote area in the outskirts of Dubai, according to records, before each of them raped her twice and threatened to kill her. Records said the woman was too frightened to resist the men, who overpowered her physically, and that she had been beaten when she tried to leave the car when stopped at a gas station to buy water.

Shortly after the rape, the woman called up colleague at work and informed her. The colleague later accompanied her to the police.

One suspect called up the woman on her mobile, threatening to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

Police tracked down the 31-year-old Pakistani employee and apprehended him but his unidentified accomplice remains at large.

Prosecutors charged the 31-year-old of kidnap and rape.

“The two had stopped in front of me and offered me a ride … but I refused. Suddenly one of them came down, forced me into the car, and drove away quickly. I pretended to be thirsty and asked them to buy me water. When the driver stopped at a station and went down to get me water, I tried to open the door and run away. The other man turned towards me and beat me hard. Then they kept me locked in the car until they reached a dark and unpopulated area where they removed my outfit and raped me. I was very scared to shout or cry for help because they were very huge in size. They dropped me back at Al Qouz area at 11pm … they threatened to kill me if I reported the matter to the police. However I told my work supervisor and she took me to the police,” she testified to prosecutors.

A police sergeant claimed to prosecutors that the 31-year-old called up the woman the next day to ask if she had reported them to the police.

“We tracked him down and lured him through one of his friends before we apprehended him. The woman identified the suspect in the police line-up three times,” he testified to prosecutors.

Presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi adjourned the hearing until the suspect is brought from his detention on March 1.


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