3 men charged with rape in Dubai

Three men have been sentenced to a year each in prison after they raped a young Indian woman.

The 18-year-old student was raped by her friend and two other men inside a car.

She told Dubai Court Of First Instance that on October 14, 2015, she received a call from her 24-year-old Bangladeshi friend asking to meet her for a ride in his car.

The court heard how she left her building and she was shocked when she discovered two other men in the car.

She got in the car and her friend drove to Ajman, where the three men bought some alcohol and started drinking it in the car.

They allegedly tried to force her into drinking with them but she refused.

They drove back to Dubai and parked in a sandy area in the Al Muhaisnah area, where the two other men got out of the vehicle.

Her friend raped her while the other men waited outside and then one of the other men got into the car’s back seat and raped her.

“I was terrified and couldn’t resist,” she said in official records.

The third suspect, who remains at large, offered to drive her home afterwards but he also raped her before dropping her back to her place.

Source: 7days.ae

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