Dubai: Jail term doubled for 13-year-old girl’s rapist

Prosecutors won their appeal against a retired employee, who will spend 10 years in jail for raping a 13-year-old schoolgirl in his car each time he took her and her brothers fishing.

The 55-year-old retired man, from Comoros Islands, befriended the Yemeni girl and her brothers when he told them that their father was his co-worker and started taking them out and spending time with them in August.

Then he started taking them on fishing trips near the Al Shindagha.

Every time he took the children for fishing, he would send the brothers to buy dinner while keeping the girl in his car where he would have sex with her.

The defendant was exposed when a witness reported to police that he had spotted the girl alone inside the car with the 55-year-old, who had parked his car in a suspicious manner.

Police went to the location and apprehended the 55-year-old man after having watched him for some time.

In March, the Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the defendant five years for having sex with a minor despite having pleaded not guilty.

The defendant appealed his primary judgement before the Appeal Court and sought to have his punishment reduced.

Prosecutors also appealed the five-year imprisonment and asked the appellate court to stiffen the punishment.

Presiding judge Eisa Al Sharif overruled the defendant’s appeal, accepted that of prosecutors and lengthened the punishment to 10 years in jail.

The accused will be deported on completion of his term.

The defendant exploited the girl’s age and abused the fact that he was close to her brothers since he was their father’s co-worker, said records.

The 13-year-old girl said the accused had sex with her every time she and her brothers went fishing with him at the beach.

“We used to go to the beach for fishing and riding bicycles. We became close to the defendant since we knew that he worked with our father. One day, he sent my brothers to buy food and asked me to sit with him in his car. He asked me to sit in the back … I was afraid that he would kill me and so I did as he said. He removed my clothes and did something bad to me for two minutes. Then we went out and joined my brothers for dinner. Later, he repeated what he had done earlier. A third time, he could not do anything because the police came and stopped him,” she was cited as telling prosecutors.

A police lieutenant said a witness reported that he suspected a man who had been parking his car near Al Shindagha and staying inside it with a 13-year-old girl.

“The witness saw the defendant stepping out of his car while fixing his kandora. We seized alcohol bottles in the defendant’s car and sex enhancement pills,” the lieutenant claimed to prosecutors.

The appeal ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 28 days.


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