Dubai: Policeman raped Emirati woman who later became his wife

A policeman has been accused of luring a woman to his car and raping her before marrying her shortly after she reported him to the police.

The 28-year-old policeman was said to have been stationed at the Dubai International Airport where he met the Emirati woman, who works in the aviation industry, in 2016.

The two became friends and the policeman reportedly told the woman he wanted to marry her.

The couple communicated with each other over the phone for nearly six months before the 28-year-old stopped contacting the woman.

In March, the man surprisingly resumed communications with the Emirati woman and was believed to have talked her into sitting in his car to discuss their marriage procedures.

The Emirati went to the parking lot where they had agreed to meet and sat in the man’s car.

Records said the 28-year-old drove around the city for some time before he parked his vehicle between some villas. The man kept his car engine on before he jumped onto her seat, removed her clothes and raped her.

Shortly after the policeman dropped the woman back to her car, the latter drove to the nearest police station to report the rape.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of luring the woman to his car and raping her using physical violence.

When the suspect showed up before the Dubai Court of First Instance, he pleaded not guilty and denied the accusation of rape.

“The woman is my wife … she moved into my house since five months now,” the 28-year-old told presiding judge Shaikha Hamad.

“This happened at a date later to the incident … but in March, did you rape the woman?” presiding judge Hamad asked him.

The suspect said no and pleaded not guilty again.

The woman testified to prosecutors that she met the policeman when he once helped her solve an issue pertaining to a trip that she had in 2016.

“He helped me out and later we started communicating over the phone. I informed him that I had been married before. We chatted over the phone for nearly six months before he disappeared suddenly and for reasons that I did not know. In March he resumed communication … he told me he still wanted to marry me. When I sat with him in his car to discuss our marriage details, he jumped on to me and raped me. I shouted and cried for help but to no avail … I don’t know if anybody heard me or saw us. Later I reported him to the police … but then I waived my complaint against him because I wanted to be a wife and we got married,” she claimed to prosecutors.

The trial continues.


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