Yemeni army liberates Al Jawaf areas

The Yemeni army and the pro-government National Resistance Forces, backed by the military Arab Coalition, have liberated a number of areas in Al Jawf governorate, northern Yemen, including Dhaba’ and Al Ajasher Camp and recovered arms and ammunition after killing and wounding scores of militant rebels, a military source told Yemen’s state news agency.

The army and loyal troops made considerable advances in Khab al-Sha’af, in the north-east of the Al Jawf, after battles with the rebel Houthi militia and troops loyal to now-ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the source said.

The Arab Coalition forces launched five air strikes against the Houthi-Saleh militants in al-Masloub and al-Ghail districts destroying several military vehicles and killing and wounding tens of rebel militants.

The battles were led by Governor of Al Jawf, Brigadier Amin Al Akimi.

President Hadi praises UAE for supporting Yemen

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi today thanked the UAE for its honourable stance towards Yemen during, what he called, an exceptional stage in the aftermath of the coup against legitimacy.

He praised the UAE for extending unlimited support to Yemen, defending its people and renovating government institutions in governorates liberated from the rebels, according to Yemen’s state news agency.

Hadi also thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and members of the Arab Coalition for their “genuine Arab stances which will always be remembered by the Yemeni peoples in the years to come.”

He also praised Yemen’s national army and the pro-government National Resistance Forces for “offering great sacrifices and making great victories… as well as for their persistent bid to restore the state, establish security and stability and rid the country from the evils of rebel gangs which wreaked havoc, killed innocent people including women and children, forced thousands of people out of their homes, and destroyed infrastructure in a manner that violates human values and ethics.”

In a phone conversation with Yemen’s Army Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Ali Al Maqdeshi, President Hadi vowed to make more victories and liberate all Yemeni governorates and cities from terrorists and rebels who are attempting to push the country into sectarian and religions conflicts to serve the interests of foreign parties that do not want Yemen to enjoy security, stability and peaceful co-existence with its regional and international surroundings.

ERC delivers second aid convoy to Abyan

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has launched the second aid convoy to the Abyan governorate in Yemen, as part of a dispatch of humanitarian convoys to various towns and villages of Yemen.

The convoy, which included the 1,500 food baskets and shelter tents, will help the population improve their lives and strengthen their steadfastness in the face of difficult conditions in the country.

The beneficiaries in Abyan extended their sincere thanks and appreciation to the UAE and its wise leadership for their assistance.

Local officials in Abyan also commended the ERC for its assistance that covers all aspects including health, education, shelter and other basic humanitarian needs required by the population.

They praised the quick response of the ERC to the appeals made by the inhabitants of Abyan, and stressed that the gesture was familiar and expected from the people of the UAE in light of the country’s giving framework.


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