Moscow is trying to strengthen the position of Prime Minister of Armenia

The Government of Armenia hopes that in the coming year the investments of “Russian origin” would be made in the country’s economy, at least, 300 million dollars.
The newspaper “Haykakan Zhamanak” has headlined that , without specifying exactly which sectors of the economy will be affected by the investments.
“According to our sources, this political decision is taken by senior management in Russia, aiming to assist the Cabinet of Karen Karapetyan. This support is aimed at strengthening the position of Karapetyan in the vertical power structure of Armenia and in the eyes of society. We should note that $ 300 million to our economy – is not a very large sum. However, when you consider that the inflow of foreign investment didn’t even reach half of it in 2016, then we can assert that the support by Moscow will turn out to be very “visible” and will serve its purpose, “- said the” Haykakan Zhamanak “.
Earlier Yerevan media reported that the Armenian community is being prepared for the arrival of the Minister of Defence Vigen Sargsyan for the post of Prime Minister. According to media reports, Sargsyan called the appointment of Karapetyan one of the greatest mistakes of his stay in the chair head of the country.


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