Russia continues to pound Aleppo with airstrikes

Syria’s opposition-held city of Aleppo has been pounded by intense airstrikes carried out by both Russia and the Assad regime for the past 24 hours, local civil defense sources said Wednesday.

Baybars Meshaal, a civil defense official based in Aleppo, told Anadolu Agency that the opposition-held towns of Al-Shear, Salahaddin, Haydariyah, Al-Sahur, Muyesir and Misqan Khanuna have also been subject to fierce artillery attacks by regime forces.

“Civil defense teams and paramedics are having trouble reaching targeted areas due to the intensity of the attacks,” he said.

“Local residents are afraid to leave their homes,” he added.

According to Meshaal, at least six people were killed — and dozens injured — when an ambulance was struck by warplanes.

“They’re striking anything that moves,” he said. “The city’s in a state of panic. Even the injured can’t be taken to hospital.”

On Tuesday, another local civil defense source, Najib Ensari, told Anadolu Agency that seven civilians had been killed — and 45 injured — by Russian airstrikes carried out east of Aleppo.

Russian warplanes targeted the opposition-held towns of Al-Shear, Misqan Khanuna, Muyesir, Karm al-Tarrab, Firdous and Al-Sukkari,” Ensari said.

On the same day, Russia used its only aircraft carrier — for the first time — to launch missile strikes against opposition-held positions in Syria, according to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, cruise missiles and fighter jets from the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov were involved in the offensive.


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  1. I really want Russia to stop participating in Iran’s war of genocide in Syria! Putin can give the whole world the biggest Christmas and Hanukah present by saying he will stop this whole war by allowing the healing of aid to come through and by freezing everything in place, including those on whose side his forces have been fighting! (Islamic State is only a relatively small part of the conflicts in Syria and has not been targeted much anyway, except by Kurdish communities desperately trying to defend themselves against IS—when peace breaks out, if it did, IS would be isolated and cut off, and could no longer be used as an excuse for incursions by Turkey or for bombardments by Russia!) The city of Aleppo, and all the residential areas of Syria need to be rebuilt, and people will not have to add to a refugee problem in Europe or elsewhere by running for their lives. No one likes to leave home if they do not have to, but no one can live under merciless bombardment! The world has not forgotten the “liquidation” of the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis! We already know the Iranian regime supports the concept of genocide, as they keep reminding us! If Russia’s leadership and Assad’s regime allow themselves to be pulled in to similar actions, the world will never forget it, and there will be a reaction—enough bloodshed of people just because they are born into one community rather than another!!!

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