Syrian girl Bana Alabed thanks JK Rowling for sending Harry Potter books

A seven-year-old girl in the Syrian city of Aleppo has thanked JK Rowling for sending her the Harry Potter books.

Bana Alabed says she likes to read “to forget the war” around her, as Aleppo is regularly bombed.

Her mother Fatemah tweeted the author to say she had watched the films and Bana would like to read the novels.

JK Rowling responded and digital copies of the books have been sent to Bana, who has shared pictures of herself reading them on a mobile phone.

Bana lives with her brothers, mother and father in Aleppo

In a conversation with the BBC last month, Fatemah said her daughter “wants the world to hear our voice.”

“She says, ‘mum, why does nobody help us?'”

Some of other tweets and pictures on Bana’s account can be disturbing.

Fatemah says her daughter has already seen a lot.

“She saw her friend killed, and our house bombed. She saw her school bombed. So that affected her,” said Fatemah.

Aleppo has been split in two during the long conflict between rebel and government forces in Syria.

Daily life is difficult those still living there and Bana often posts messages about bombings and a lack of food.


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