Al Rai: IS suicide blast killed and injured dozens – Video

Security and hospital sources said 12 people were wounded, mostly children, and were taken to a hospital in nearby Turkey.

See video here.

The town of al-Rai, which is 2 km (1 mile) south of Turkey’s Kilis border province, is in an area under the control of Turkey-backed rebels and was seized from ISIS militants what Called in Ankara’s “Euphrates Shield operation” launched in August.

Local sources said the explosion was caused by a vehicle-borne bomb which killed several people, according to Turkey’s Dogan news agency.

The Turkey-backed rebels have for days been besieging the ISIS-controlled town of Al Bab, around 30 km south of Al Rai, as part of the three-month-old offensive to drive the “jihadists” (Terrorists ) away from the Syrian side of the Turkish border.


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