Senior Daesh commander killed in Syria

One of the notorious field commanders of the ISIL terrorist group was killed in the Syrian Army troops’ operation East of Deir Ezzur city.

The army units stormed ISIL’s defense lines in the village of Bu Omar in the Eastern countryside of Deir Ezzur, killing a number of terrorists, including Khaled Nasser, a senior field commander.

The army men also hit ISIL’s concentration centers hard in the Southern and Southwestern outskirts of the city and in areas around Deir Ezzur airbase, inflicting major damage on the militants’ equipment.

In the meantime, the Syrian Air Force bombed ISIL’s positions and movements in al-Kanamat neighborhood, al-Kanamat passageways, Huweija al-Sakar reign and Panorama base, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.

In relevant developments in the Eastern province on Sunday, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets bombed heavily ISIL’s defense lines and movements in the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The warplanes carried out several rounds of combat flights over ISIL’s positions and gathering centers in the neighborhoods of al-Kanamat, al-Hamidiyeh, al-Kanamat passageway in Deir Ezzur city and Panorama base and Jonayd Division base in the Southern outskirts of the city, killing or wounding a number of militants and destroying their equipment.

The Syrian army aircraft bombed the facilities of ISIL’s oil refinery in the oil wells of Buqrus Badiyeh (desert) in Eastern Deir Ezzur, destroying the facilities.

In the meantime, the army troops engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in Southern direction of al-Maqaber (cemetery) region, Panorama base, airport and the regions of al-Roshdiyeh and al-Huweiqa, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants.


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