Daesh tunnel collapse kills family

Heavy fighting continues in Mosul.

At least 66 people were killed and 97 were wounded:

Seven family members were killed when their home collapsed in Tal Afar due to militant tunneling beneath.

Shelling left three dead and six wounded near Shirqat. A militant was wounded and his child was killed as the seven year old played with a grenade. Three militants were killed while booby-trapping a car.

In Mosul, an attack left three militiamen dead and 13 wounded. A suicide bomber killed a soldier. Five militants were killed.

Gunmen killed two militiamen and wounded nine more in Ain al-Jahsh.

One person was killed and three were wounded by a roadside bomb near Albu Ali Jassim.

Near Baiji, a policeman was killed and two militiamen were wounded in an attack. Three militants were also killed.

A bicycle bomb wounded two policemen in Fallujah.

A blast in Mansouriya wounded two militiamen.

Twenty militants were killed in an airstrike on Abu Saida.

Security forces killed nine militants in Badush.

In Doulab, security forces killed two suicide bombers who were going to attack a wedding. Both were under 15 years old.

Two militants were killed in Sherwin.

A militant was killed in Mukhisa.

Source: original.antiwar.com

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