Two separate attempts to smuggle more than Dh9.5m across Abu Dhabi border

Inspectors from the General Administration of Customs, Abu Dhabi, recently foiled two attempts to smuggle more than 9.7 million Saudi Riyals at Al Ghuwaifat Customs Centre, in two separate incidents, when two Asian travellers were caught entering the country through the land border during a routine inspection.

In one case, inspectors became suspicious of a vehicle driven by an Asian man after identifying an unusual load in his vehicle. The inspectors identified a large amount of money hidden in the driver’s seat, amounting to SR7 million concealed in a bag filled with clothes.

In another incident, customs inspectors became suspicious of a truck entering the country through Al Ghuwaifat Border Post. During an inspection, customs officials used scanning devices to identify a secret compartment with a package wrapped in tape, inside which inspectors found more than SR2.7 million.

During the investigation, both travellers admitted that the amount of money seized was not disclosed according to the UAE Cash Disclosure Law. Both cases were transferred to the authorities to take all necessary legal actions.

Commenting on the two incidents, Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director-General of the General Administration of Customs, Abu Dhabi, praised the readiness and alertness of customs inspectors, and their role in protecting the UAE’s borders and citizens from any risks of illegal trade that may threaten the country’s security and economy.

Al Hameli said that Abu Dhabi Customs seeks to implement the latest customs inspection procedures and systems, and continues to offer various types of international training and skill development programmes for customs inspectors, to enhance security in the nation and support officials in their role to protect the local community.

He added: “The Disclosure of Cash law is implemented for statistical purposes only and is associated with international standards to which the UAE is committed.

“There are no restrictions on the amount of money one can bring into or take out of the country, if the money is disclosed as per the adopted laws.”


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