American passenger was sexually harassed in Dubai

The Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld a three-month jail term given by a lower court to a limousine driver on charges of sexually harassing an American female passenger he was driving from the airport to a hotel.

The 36-year-old Bangladeshi driver was convicted in July by the Court of First Instance, which ordered the sentence to be followed by deportation.

The driver earlier claimed in court that he had not touched her.

According to prosecution records, the incident took place on March 22 when the driver picked up the woman from the Dubai International Airport to drop her at a hotel in Naif. He was accused of touching the woman against her will.

“The driver said during the questioning that he suggested to the passenger that she should ride in the front seat to feel more comfortable. He confessed that on the way he touched her left arm several times on the pretext he wanted to make her relaxed from her long travel,” a policeman told the prosecutor.

The driver then tried to massage her thighs but she rejected his offer.

The police officers found pictures of women saved in the defendant’s phone, which sustained her story that he showed her a photo he claimed was for his American friend.


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