Ilham Aliyev: “Conflicts in the Middle East could lead to a disaster”

Conflicts in the Middle East could lead to a huge disaster. This was stated by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of nine months of 2016.

Aliyev also reminded of the bloody conflicts in other regions, global political crisis, increased risk of the outbreak of war and other threats facing the world community.

The head of state also drew attention to the problems of migrants in Europe and indifference of European countries to the problems of refugees.

According to the President, the migration crisis plays into the hands of radical political parties in Europe, the influence of which is increasing. The coming to power of these parties will contribute to the deepening of the conflict between civilizations, said Aliyev.

Speaking about the European integration of Azerbaijan, the President criticized the European countries for trying to put pressure on Baku and making unfounded accusations against the country.

“Into which Europe we must be integrated? The one in crisis, where Muslims are banned? So because we are asking these questions, we are facing pressure and accusations”, – said Aliyev.

According to the President, an obstacle on the way to European integration is a policy of double standards pursued by the European authorities.

“Do we need to be integrated into where double standards are applied against Muslim refugees? Do we need to integrate into where Muslims are kept in cages?! So that is the question, and we talk about it all”, – said the head of state.

Source:  Anadolu Agency 

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