Igor Muradyan: “Russians reduced Armenia to a county level”

“Russians reduced Armenia to a county level and realized that are losing it, or rather, have already lost. Only Yerevan and other Armenian scum from among the Russian agents will fight for Russia, and even then under whiplash”, writes the Armenian analyst Igor Muradyan in his article on Lragir.

According to the author, “Russians “found” a way to rehabilitate and decided to appoint Seyran Ohanyan as CSTO Secretary General”.

“CSTO is a never existing company that was needed to conclude onerous deals with vassals, meaningless in terms of defense.

CSTO members have successfully supplied arms to Azerbaijan and thus helped it shed Armenian blood. Apparently, now, this task will be assigned to Seyran Ohanyan.

Russians would not appoint a non-Russian to the post of a real military organization, except as a dummy for the amusement of the whole world”, – writes the Armenian analyst.

Source: Minval.az

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