Truce over. Bombs on Aleppo, US-Russia clash

A fragile ceasefire has dissolved, tensions between Russia and US have returned to the maximum level with exchanges of accusations and the population of Aleppo that was waiting for humanitarian aid was again struck by bombs. There is no end to the war in Syria on sight.

The delicate situation precipitated after an air raid by the US-led Coalition was carried out on Saturday on a base of the Syrian army surrounded by the Islamic State, near Dayr az Zor, in which 62 soldiers of Damascus were killed, enraging Russia.

Moscow accused the White House of ”defending ISIS”. Russia on Saturday night had asked and obtained an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

The sorrow expressed by the Obama administration for the unintentional loss of lives was useless. Russia accused Washington of having an ”unconstructive and confused position” at a UN meeting, showing it was ”unable to provide an adequate explanation” and of attempting ”as usual, to change the cards on the table”.

But US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said the Security Council was summoned for a diversion in a ”cynical and hypocrite” move while Moscow should focus on the implementation of the ceasefire and not on games.

But the truce, which started last Monday amid differences and difficulties, has de facto failed. And the martyred city of Aleppo is paying the price. According to anti-regime activists of the local committees, Syrian jets struck eastern districts causing several civilian casualties. Daraa, the city south of the Syrian capital where in 2011 the revolt against President Bashar al Assad started, was bombed, activists report. Eight people died, including a six-year-old boy and a teen.

ISIS is as usual taking advantage of the end of the truce.

Through its press agency Amaq, it claimed yesterday the downing of a Syrian jet in Dayr az Zor and the destruction with a missile of a Turkish tank in Jakkah, in the region of Aleppo.

In Libya as well, where weapons appear to have been laid down in the oil district after days of tension, violent clashes shook again yesterday the oil terminals of Ras Lanuf and Sidra.

The spokesman of the brigade 302, the forces of General Khalifa Haftar, announced they have retaken the area from the guards of the installations that respond to the Presidential Council of Fayez al Sarraj. Tobruk’s jets hit several targets.

The first oil exports since the end of 2014 were blocked.


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