Dubai Safari Park set to feature air-con rocks

‘Air-conditioned rocks’, specially cooled pools and misting machines are set to feature at the $272m Dubai Safar Park which is set to open to the public later this year.

According to the park‘s CEO, these features will be implemented to help keep animals cool at the new 199ha facility.

Dubai Safari Park, which has been built on top of a landfill site in Al Warqa’a, is set to welcome over 5,000 animals from various zoos across the globe, including some from the existing Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah.

Tim Husband, CEO, Dubai Safari Parks, was quoted by 7Days newspaper, as saying: “Even though it’s a hot desert we’re making sure that all their enclosures, exhibits and holding facilities are kept at a good safe temperature so these animals won’t suffer at all.

“All the cats – lions, cheetahs and tigers – have air-conditioned areas, even the hyenas have got it in some areas.”

Safari Park will use environment-friendly systems and practices, such as a hyrid operational system, water recycling, waste disposal, recycling facilities, and solar energy.

The project’s construction schedule has been underway since 2012.


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