3D printed food coming to Dubai restaurant

First there was the microwave, then came molecular gastronomy and now it’s time for 3D food printing.

Food innovation knows no limits by the look of it.

Conceptual dining eatery Food Ink, set to open its doors to the public in London’s Shoreditch district on July 25, will soon be travelling to 21 cities around the world in the form of a pop-up restaurant.


Dubai is on the list, along with Berlin, Seoul, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Austin, Singapore, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sydney and Reykjavik.

The distinctive dining experience, costing £250 (Dhs1207), will be designed and crafted by an international team of chefs and artists.

Dubaians can look forward to a nine-course tasting menu which includes experimental meals such as air caviar, crispy seaweed sheet and steak tartris (tartar in the shape of Tetris blocks).

And it’s not just the food that’ll be printed by the byFlow Focus 3D printer. Everything from the chairs to the cutlery has also been crafted with the latest technology out there.

Caesar’s Flower of Life: Seasoned bread in 3D-printed sacred-geometric ‘Flower of Life’ design, Assorted Flowers and Vegetables


Fish and Chips: Crispy Seaweed Sheet and Kimchi Mayonnaise 3D-printed in computer-circuit patterns.


Air Caviar: Spherification of Gordial Olives made with byFlow Focus 3D-printer.


3D Boscana: Nocilla, Chocolate Cream, Hazelnut Polvoron, Milk Ice Cream, Dutch Chocolate Leaves, 3D-printed centre spiral.


Source: www.timeoutdubai.com


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