From Barbers to Prime Minister’s Assistants. Why does Pashinyan hire members of sect?, Ilya Ukhov: There is a new brilliant in a series of staff appointments of the Armenian ultra-revolutionary authorities. According to the Armenian Facebook segment, the Prime-Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan appointed someone named Sofya Navasardyan as his assistant. Her main merit is that she is a personal barber of Pashinyan’s wife Anna Akopyan. It is an obvious case, which characterizes the real attitude of the winning revolutionaries towards the State pocket, their privileges and an access to benefits, not available to common people.
I wish to recall that Mr. Pashinyan and pro-Western political coalition behind him had come to power, mainly, promising to do away with privileges and be closer to people. Pashinyan started to stream in “Facebook” and other social networks – that were all cosmetic changes in state approaches.
The Prime Minister of Armenia surrounded himself with the graduates of specialized European and US programs, many of which have been directly funded by the State Department, European Commission, various Western foundations and NPOs.
However, the juiciest fact of the appointment of Sofya Navasardyan is that she is a member of an aggressive pseudo-Christian sect “Word of Life”, as it is written on her Facebook page.
This appointment stands in a common flow of similar stories; in particular, recently, Gevorg Ajemian, a senior manager of the Prime Minister’s office has spoken about his participation in the “Word of Life” sect. Gevorg Ajemian is a high-ranking official.
Pashinyan surrounds himself with the members of this sect, appoints them to government posts, and supports them. There is a question: What makes the current Prime Minister of Armenia take such weird decisions? Maybe the views of these cultists are close to Nikol Pashinyan? Maybe cultists have any exclusive information about Pashinyan’s activities and ties, taking into account the closeness of Sofya Navasardyan to his wife? The answers to these questions will determine how deep the current government is mired in ties with foreign centers of power, who work against the ongoing development of Russian-Armenian relations

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