Trump’s schizophrenia pushes allies to East block

Ismail Okan

Researcher journalist based in Turkey


The world is going through an incredible period since Donald Trump was elected. Recently Trump’s policies took another format, and he started attacking the allies. We watched his economic war against China and Russia, then Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. Moreover, finally something was broken with Iran, and it is Turkey’s turn now. However, Trump missing, his schizophrenia creates a new block against Americans.
The Qatar crisis was the first step in this madness. Qatar accused of supporting “terrorism” by the United States (US). It is the weirdest thing because this country also targeted by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Turkey and Iran took place near Qatar while these attacks continue. Also, Turkey sent troops and stopped possible interventions against Doha.
US, Saudi Arabia, and UAE… check out some past events! For example, terrorist leader Usama bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian, not Qatari. Some ideologies of terrorist groups show similarity with the Saudi doctrines, is that a coincidence? If we are to go further, if Qatar is supporting terrorism, UAE and Saudi Arabia must be into this too. Because we all know, the United Arab Emirates or Qatar can do nothing in these soils without Saudi Arabia  (indirectly the US). UAE’s relationship with the coup attempt in Turkey, US’s direct relations with PKK/PYD terrorist organization give us the elements in this puzzle. It is like taking away a sin while blaming others.
I wanted to draw attention to Iran and Turkey in this article. Trump’s quit from the nuclear deal with Iran was a big shock to the world. Politics will, and someone will win except normal people. However, I need to say something about ethics. If you remember, the nuclear deal with Iran was presented as a “great” deal in former American President Barack Obama’s period. It was a breath for Iranian people until Trump’s wrath arrived. The US withdrew from the nuclear deal, and Trump claimed this deal as “horrible.” There is a question now, are we sure he read this deal really? I am not sure.
Another tragedy took place for Iranian civil aviation. Many people did not care about it, but more than 16 billion dollars were stolen by the US. How? The nuclear deal gives a chance for changing civil aviation fleet in Iran. Iranian companies order around 60 planes after sanctions removed and paid billion dollars to American companies. Also, two planes were delivered to Iran Air. Everything was on its way, and then dollars flew, not planes. Sanctions came back with Trump’s decision and Iran’s money gone to trash. American threats are blocking global companies for work with Iran. Also, this point shows us another tragic result, Iran’s fleet gives an alarm. I am saying this. Trump is responsible too for every death over the plane crash in this soils.
You can agree or not with governments. You can punish governments in diplomacy; also you can discuss events and win or lose. However, you cannot punish innocent people for someone’s interests, and you cannot say, “This is wrong because I am strong” when there is something you do not like. The secret part of Turkey sanctions starts here. Trump ‘s government gave a date for companies to stop relations with Iran. And American authorities visit countries one by one with threats. These countries stopped relations with Iran after their visits. Everything was okay, everyone accepts American orders and wait… someone said “NO” to the US. Yes, American authorities visited Turkey a few weeks before. Ankara refused threat policies and didn’t accept cut relations with Iran. Because there is no reason to do this. Turkey has big deals with Iran, and Turkey’s neighbor is not the US.
If Trump was interested in the reality more than Twitter and American TV shows, probably, the world could be better. Turkey jailed an American priest under an investigation. The claims are severe. This priest accused of espionage activities for PKK and FETO terrorist organizations against the Republic of Turkey. So we see another contradiction by Americans. All of us know how they defend the judicial independence, but here, they tried to interfere into Turkish judgment and do something with threats. Yes, again threats. And other pieces coming with this event for our big puzzle… Turkish media claims, American reaction not for priest Andrew Brunson. It is because they do not want to give FETO leader to Turkey and Brunson is an excuse for them. However, if this is true, why? Another way is these sanctions, a punishment for Turkey over Iran. Again American ego took place and said, “You cannot say anything, we are strong.”
Turkey shared evidence and hundreds of documents with American authorities about the coup attempt in Turkey since July 15, 2016. Turkish sources claim these shreds of evidence show clearly, coup attempt planned by so-called scholar Fethullah Gulen movement, who is protected in US’s Pennsylvania. American authorities refused the evidence. Now it is the time of empathy… If a similar terrorist attack occurred in the US and the accused person was in Turkey, what would happen? Probably American weapons blast over as soon as possible, and after they kill ten thousands of civilians say from us, “Sorry dear ally, we were wrong, you did not save them.” Like American intervention in Iraq for nuclear weapons and after years apologize with “There was no nuclear weapon like how we imagine.”
Lately, US threats come till F-35 fighter jet project. And they talk about block Turkey’s fighter jets over these sanctions and S-400 air defense systems deal between Russia and Turkey. Take money for something, try to give the order, threat for accept and if not deal stole it… Now it is our turn to talk. The US claims regional states as supporting terrorism, like Iran, Qatar, and Turkey (yes, they also accuse Turkey of supporting terrorism even Turkey lost more people than all of them in the war against terrorism). But, they give modern weapons to a terrorist organization in Syria. This terrorist organization using against ISIS terrorist organization by the US. A weird point, this organization tied with PKK terrorist organization and also they killed hundreds of Turkish citizens with bomb attacks in Turkey. First question, how you can use a terrorist organization to fight with another terrorist organization? Second question, how you can let these terrorists attack your ally with your weapons? No words.
Turkey is a NATO ally and regional partner for EU and US. However, their policies since years pushed Turkey to a corner in silence. But something started to change. Turkish defense industry is working, and giant projects take pace one by one. Turkey passes defense problems with Turkish-weapons or other alternatives. S-400 deal with Russia is one of them. We can discuss, whether it is a good deal. But, first of all, we must think about why Turkey met with Russia? Also, threats coming now for F-35 fighter jets. Another way, F-35 decisions will not affect Turkey if they block this delivery. We can turn to more technically advanced wit Russian Su-57. Also, according to Ihlas Media Representative Batuhan Yasar, incredible relations can be born with China as soon as possible. It looks like West is losing an important ally with a big stupidity.

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