Trump trusts Azerbaijan’s strategies: expert

Exclusion of the Shah Deniz 2 and Southern Gas Corridor projects from the anti-Iran sanctions by the order of the US president is of international significance, Editor-in-Chief of the “Baki Kheber” newspaper Aydin Guliyev told Trend.

Guliyev said there is no longer any concern that the sanctions may affect Azerbaijan due to the fact that the Iranian Naftiran Intertrade Company (NICO) owns a 10-percent stake in Shah Deniz 2.

“At the same time, the hope of the Armenian politicians and propagandists that an important project of Azerbaijan could fall under sanctions has faded away. Trump’s order is not only a demonstration of the US commitment to the interests of energy security of its European allies, but also another manifestation of the constant support to Azerbaijan’s energy policy. The US decision can be considered a step directed towards the long-term goals of Azerbaijan’s energy diplomacy. We see signs of new success of the global energy diplomacy of Azerbaijan,” the expert said.

Guliyev noted that Trump emphasizes the Southern Gas Corridor in all his official letters to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, and this fact is of particular importance.

He said President Trump specifically showed that he firmly relies on the strategy pursued by President Aliyev on behalf of Azerbaijan.


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